You are only one decision away from a totally new you.

North London’s Functional Fitness Destination

We came together to found Peach&Smith Studio because we believe great coaching delivers more than just aesthetics. It´s about being strong – positive, confident, knowledgeable and healthy.

We get results because we have made all the mistakes:

The constant diet and exercise roller coaster, the cycle of gaining and losing weight, labelling foods as ‘good’ or as ‘bad’.

Falling off the exercise wagon, impatiently pushing through injuries, and trained so hard that we have burnt out.

Having come out the other end we realized one thing; it doesn’t need to be this hard.


We incorporate functional fitness into your life in a realistic way. We help you develop nutritional and fitness habits that you can sustain for a lifetime.

We don’t stand on the sidelines and count reps with our clients, we get involved – both in the studio and in the broader aspects of your life such as stress management, sleep patterns and nutrition guidance. When you make the commitment to invest in expert coaching, we will invest in you to get progress that sticks.

Welcome to the team!

Kimberly Peach & Dionne Smith